Innovation- Our Track Record

The accurate evaluation and efficient development of innovative technologies is critical for strategic and institutional investors alike. As indicated by the detailed project list below, the Alternative Asset Portfolio Advisors possess superior technical depth and market knowledge that the client can leverage to strengthen their internal project teams and efficiently apply real innovation to effectively compete on the global stage.

Consumer Products

  • Premium Portable Cocktails, Ltd- Innovative Portable Personal Cocktails & Beverage Production Technology; Product Formulation, Supply Chain Buildout, Business Plan and Marketing Plan for new lines of Ultra-Premium, Ready-To-Drink Cocktails and Mixers
  • Suavecito(R), The World’s Smoothest Tequila; Business Plan and Marketing Plan for global market expansion and LOHAS market & media strategy
  • Various branded energy products, “Clean Caffeine, Healthy Vitamins, None of the Junk”; Product Formulations, Business Plan and Marketing Plan for global market expansion and LOHAS market & media strategy
  • Valenme, Ltd- Marketing & Advertising Campaign for Socially-Responsible Women’s Fashion Products

Marketing & Enterprise Software

  • Premium RTD Beverages, Ltd- Mobile Business Intelligence System
  • Corporate Health & Wellness, Elite Performance Data System Integration Technologies
  • IRAD- Consumer-Centric 3D Mobile eCommerce System
  • IRAD- Interactive 3-D Business Process Management Software

Sustainability, Water Treatment, Environmental

  • Sony Display Devices- Membrane-Based Industrial Water Recycling System for TrinitronTM Television Manufacturing Facility
  • Teledyne – Air-Evap Water Recovery for Ultrapure Water System
  • SAIC – Full-Scale Solar Soil Detoxification & Solar Thermal System
  • ELS Technology, Inc- Self-Contained, Portable Water Purification Systems
  • NASA MSFC – Multifitration System for Space Station Water Recycling
  • NASA MSFC – Reagentless Separator-Removal of Aqueous Inorganic Carbon from Solution
  • NASA JSC – High Temperature Microbial Check Valve for Space Shuttle
  • NASA JSC – Regenerable Biocide Delivery Unit
  • NASA JSC – Non-Phase Change Wastewater Reclamation Subsystem
  • NASA JSC – Novel Membrane-based Water Reclamation Post-treatment Unit
  • NASA MSFC – Air Evaporation Water Recovery
  • NASA-MSFC – Wastewater Physical and Chemical Properties Studies
  • NASA JSC – Pre- and Post-Treatment of Spacecraft Wastewater

Chemical Process Industries & Catalyst Technology

  • ELS Technology, Inc/BP America – Advanced, Physically-Stable Terephthalic Acid Purification Catalysts
  • ELS Technology, Inc – Clean Catalysts for Chemical Hydrogenation Processes
  • ELS Technology, Inc – Revolutionary. High-Strength Porous Solid Carbon Catalysts
  • ELS Technology, Inc – Synthetic Carbon-Supported Noble Metal Catalysts
  • ELS Technology, Inc – CleanTech Catalytic Oxidation Systems for Water & Air Detoxification
  • NASA-JSC – Advanced Oxidation Catalysts for Spacecraft Water Reclamation
  • NASA MSFC – Development of Biocatalytic Reactors for Removal of Contaminants from Wastewater
  • NASA MSFC – Catalytic Methods Using Molecular Oxygen for Treatment of Space Station Potable Water Stream
  • NASA MSFC – Catalytic Methods Using Molecular Oxygen for Treatment of Aqueous Waste
  • NASA MSFC – Removal of Contaminants from Wastewater Using Biocatalysts

Scientific Instrumentation

  • NASA – MicroTOC(TM) Microminiature Organic Carbon Speciation Instrument
  • ELS Technology, Inc – AeroLead Automatic, Portable Airborne Lead Analyzer
  • National Institutes of Health – ChromAlert Airborne Chromium Analyzer
  • National Institutes of Health – Portable, Low-Cost Airborne Beryllium Analyzer
  • US Dept of Energy – Portable Personal Monitors for Toxic Metal Aerosols
  • NASA – Space Flight Iodine Sol-Gel Film Sensors
  • NASA – Electroanalytical Platform for Measuring Silver
  • ELS Technology, Inc – Portable Mercury Analyzer
  • Zellweger Analytics – Ultrapure Water Total Organic Carbon & pH Monitors
  • Zellweger Analytics – Space Station Freedom Phase C/D Process Control Water Quality Monitor (PCWQM) Components
  • Marotta Scientific Controls- Micro-miniature Solenoid Valve Design, Materials Compatibility